Getting rid of wrinkles can be one of the toughest challenges for ladies who are keen on maintaining the beauty of their skin. Also, with a lot of anti-aging skin creams available in the market a lot of people would invest in those products even without understanding the type of their skin or the amount of chemicals that are used in those products.

There are a lot of things that you have to understand before investing in any of the face creams and especially the anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams. Using Ayurvedic creams have always known to have given better results and using the Kajah Mukhalepam is one of the best creams. This cream is made using the Red Sandalwood, Beauty Berry and Rubia Cordifolia.

The ingredients used in this cream are what make it the best to be used for anti-wrinkle issues. The benefits of using this cream are as listed below.

  • Nourishment of the skin

Red Sandalwood is known for its property to enhance and nourish the skin from within and because of this characteristic of red sandalwood a lot of Ayurveda products; especially the skin related products make use of Red Sandalwood in the form of powder or paste.

  • Improves the complexion

Red Sandalwood is known to turn the dull complexion into glowing radiant skin and this is one important property of this ingredient that helps in reducing the blemishes and pigmentation of the skin to a larger extent.

  • Reduces the oil content

Red Sandalwood is known to reduce the oil content of the skin making it normal and this shall further reduce the pores and the acne. Acne and pimples reduce with less secretion of sebum and the Kajah Mukhalepam would help you in getting the best glowing skin.

  • Helps in removing skin tan

With the application of Kajah Mukhalepam regularly, skin tan would be decreased to a larger extent and with the regular usage the pigmentation of the skin would also be taken care of. The property of beauty berry is to lighten the skin hence, helps in de-tanning of the skin.

  • Reduces hyper pigmentation

Rubia Cordifolia is another ingredient that is used in the Kajah Mukhalepam; this particular plant is known for its medicinal properties. The usage of Rubia Cordifolia helps you in reducing hyper pigmentation, acne and pimples.

  • Helps in treating skin related disorders

Rubia Cordifolia also known as Manjishtha is widely used in treating a lot of skin related disorders like leucoderma and pigmentation issues. Hence, this is used a lot in the manufacture of skin creams in Ayurvedic field.

Directions of usage

  • For normal skin: You can mix the powder with Rose Water, once mixed well you need to apply the paste on your skin and neck. Do not bring the paste in contact with the eyes, wait until it dries and then wash it off neatly with water. Ensure to use it regularly for better results.
  • For dry skin: You need to follow the similar procedure as you do it for the normal skin but, in place of rose water you may have to use Milk as the medium to make the paste.
  • For Oily Skin: You can always use honey and yoghurt as the medium to make a paste and apply it.

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