Rajasurya Oil

Dry Skin can be one of the major problems that can be bothering a lot of people. There are a lot of reasons for dry skin and one of the main reasons for dry skin is because of lack of hydration of the skin. Most of the people assume that keeping the skin moisturized means increasing the oil content of the skin. Well, that is not what it means; hydrating the skin actually means nourishing the skin thoroughly so that it does not get dried.

Rajasurya Oil is extensively used to treat dry skin, itchy skin and psoriasis. These are some of the skin conditions and require immediate attention else, it may aggravate and can cause more skin related issues.

  • Dry Skin is usually caused because a lot of people do not drink water and when the skin is not hydrated from within it may cause the skin to dry
  • Most of them avoid the usage of moisturizer and this can be one of the main reasons for the skin to dry up.
  • A few other people tend to ignore their skin during winter seasons and this can also be one of the reasons for the skin to develop certain allergies and also develop skin related disorders and especially dry skin.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of Rajasurya Oil are:

  • Danthappalla: This plant is exclusively used in the treatment of skin related disorders because of its anti fungal and anti bacterial property. It is known to have reduced the itchiness of the scalp reducing the dryness.

  • This plant is also used in the treatment of psoriasis because of its antifungal property. Hence, the usage of Raja Surya Oil can be of a great benefit for people suffering from dry skin and psoriasis.

  • Neem: is one of the widely used ingredients in the manufacture of skin related products in Ayurveda.Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using neem on a regular basis.

  • Neem is known to be filled with natural anti-oxidants hence; it reduces itchiness and also dryness of the skin to a greater extent.
  • Neem is known to reduce acne and pimples and it is also has natural detoxifying agent in it. Hence, neem plant is widely used in the manufacture of skin related products.
  • Neem also reduces pigmentation, blackheads and acts as a great moisturizer too hence, the usage of Rajasurya oil can bring a lot of benefits for people having these problems.
  • Since neem also acts as anti ageing element it would be a great thing to massage this oil and look younger and get radiant skin.

The usage of this oil is known to have shown good results in reducing Psoriasis to a greater extent. People who are suffering from dry skin and psoriasis can use this oil regularly and in case of any reactions you can immediately get in touch with your dermatologist. For better results use this oil twice daily on your skin.

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