Chavanaprasham – Immunity Rescuer

In these difficult times, we are trying to try out various kinds of supplements and healthy food to improve and boost our immunity. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle; with good exercise, food, and mental health. Along with this, there are certain products that make it easy for us. One such example is Chavanaprasham. It is made using more than 50 herbs and extracts with Amla being the most important.

Revitalizing body functions and boosting of immunity is what is taken care of with Ayurveda Chavanaprash. It basically targets any allergens and enhances immune functions. Chavanaprasham is an Ayurvedic formula that has various health benefits and is an excellent health supplement/ medicine which has been used from ancient times. Since it improves general health and has anti-aging properties it also leads to longevity. In fact, much before all these commercial minerals, vitamins, and supplements come into the picture; Chavanaprasham has been around.

Here are some of the known health benefits of consuming Chavanaprasham on a daily basis –

Chavanaprasham has been consumed for ages in India. And this is due to its anti-fungal, anti-viral as well as antibacterial properties. Very few products can boast of such properties.

  • The nutritious ingredients in Chavanaprasham are known to create warm effects. It helps in the improvement of blood circulation. It can also remove harmful toxins and help in better digestion.
  • Chavanaprasham is well known for helping with an increase in stamina and in muscle building. Thus, it helps in keeping a person active and mentally in a better mood. It in general helps in overall wellness.
  • Chavanaprasham not only helps in digestion but it also helps in acidity and gas reduction.
  • Since it helps in overall wellness, it can also help in controlling blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol levels.
  • Chavanaprasham is also known for helping with the reproductive system. It revitalizes and strengthens reproductive systems and libido.
  • Chavanaprasham is also considered to be helpful in increasing hemoglobin and white blood cells thus helping in problems of anemia.
  • With many healthy ingredients like Amla, it helps in detoxification and thus purification of the spleen, blood, liver, and lungs. It also helps in cleaning of respiratory passages.
  • Those who suffer from frequent colds, coughs, flu, or viral fevers – basically have low immunity. Chavanaprasham can help you fight against such common problems by enhancing immunity and keeping you safe from such disorders.

Chavanaprasham is generally taken with milk early or first thing in the morning. It is suggested to consume about 10 grams of Chavanaprasham in the morning. However, those that suffer from respiratory problems or asthma should maybe consider taking it with warm water instead of curds or milk.

Hence, as we can see Chavanaprasham is not only helpful in boosting immunity but also helps in overall wellness – physical and mental. It can be had by all and on a daily basis. In fact, some brands also have different flavors which makes it easy for children to consume it.