Incredible Health Benefits of Chavanaprasham

Ayurveda is a globally acclaimed branch of alternative medicine that has natural remedies of all kinds of ailments and disorders. This pseudoscientific discipline of medicine emphasizes on remedies made out of natural elements like herbs, fruits, roots and flowers, and other organic ingredients. One such amazing Ayurveda product is chavanaprasham, popularly known as Chyawanprash.

Origin and Evolution

Ayurveda originated in India, nearly 5000 years ago and one can date back the origin of chavanaprash to the same era. It is one of the most popular and widely used health supplements of Ayurveda, with a wide range of health benefits. The word chavanaprasham has a Sanskrit origin, where prash means a specially prepared food. It is believed that a couple of sages in the Ayurveda ages discovered this particular formulation to re-establish youth to the elderly sage, known as Chyawan. Thus, the name chavanaprasham was introduced, and now chawanprash is the colloquial term, used globally.


The Recipe

Chawanprash is the nutritive jam that has been used in Ayurveda for ages. It is delicious and endowed with a plethora of health benefits. It is the super-concentrated amalgamation of nutrient-rich herbs and organic minerals. Chavanaprasham is the blend of honey, gooseberry jam, sugar, sesame oil, and 50 various herbs and berries. Besides amla or gooseberry, the main ingredients are Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, gokshura, pippali, guduchi, haritaki, bala, bilya, and shatavari, etc.

Health Benefits of Chavanaprasham

Chavanaprasham is extensively sold and consumed in India to recover health conditions and prevent diseases. Chyawanprash is a strong immunity booster and helps the body in the production of adequate hemoglobin and white blood cells. It helps increase stamina, energy, and overall inner health. It is recommended to consume Chawanprash every day, and people of all age groups are fit to take it daily. The highlighting health benefits that Chavanaprasham offers are:

  • Building and strengthening immunity
  • Revitalizing all tissues in the body
  • Enhancing energy levels
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Building ojas for restoring youthfulness*
  • Boosting healthy heart and lung functions. It also improves the respiratory systems.
  • Kindles agni which is the digestive fire, needed for healthy digestion and gut health
  • Improves functions of the reproductive system
  • Boosts optimal urinary health

Each ingredient of Chavanaprasham has medicinal benefits which, when combined, improve the overall physical health and mental wellness. Chyawanprash is universally known for its plenty of benefits, such as its anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Consumption of chavanaprasham helps in removing toxins from the body and for swelling up resilience and building the muscles. It helps to keep the person active and energetic the entire day. Chyawanprash is a powerful health promoter which augments lung power and invigorates energy levels. By fostering the mucous membrane, it can even cleanse and detoxify the respiratory passage of the body. For people suffering from low mood and emotional swings, Chawanprash readily acts as the mood lifter. It reduces the risk of flu, viral infections, and influenzas, thereby strengthening the immune system.

Chavanaprasham is appropriate for all age groups and consumption of it early in the morning or before going to sleep, stimulates and nourishes the body and rejuvenates wellness.