Suffering from muscle cramps? Here is the solution

What is a muscle cramp?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night due to an unexpected muscle cramp on your legs? Have you stopped halfway your track with the sudden uneasiness of your muscles? We are not new to such experiences. A muscle cramp is not an unheard illness starting right from kids to your grandparents. Everybody would have gone through a muscle cramp or muscle pain at least once in their lifetime. Well, “ once a lifetime” sounds a lot like underestimation though. If you have not experienced muscle pain ever, here is how it would look like. Some people experience it like a pendulum ball rolling right under your skin whereas others experience a heaviness on their muscle with sharp pain.

Is muscle cramp a serious illness?

Irrespective of how the muscle cramp appears to each one of you, all of you would mutually agree that it is impossible to move your body part dealing with the muscle cramp. However, it is not harmful in the initial stages. If it persists despite drinking a lot of fluids accompanied by redness and swelling, you might want to consider consulting a doctor. It is not to be considered silly if severe muscle cramp occurs frequently that does not settle with basic remedies like muscle stretching or a good massage.

Causes of muscle cramp

Muscle cramp does not distinguish between men and women. It treats both genders equally. Looks like modern gender equality is approved by body muscles. Generally, the common places where you would experience muscle pain is your thighs, hands, abdomen, feet, and arms and the most affected people are older adults, pregnant women, athletes, people with extra body weight or a certain medical condition such as thyroid. These could be very bothering as it affects even mundane tasks. Here are a few common causes that lead to muscle cramp.

  • Old age: When humans age, muscles tend to lose their mass passing the burden to existing muscles. This causes stress to the muscles.
  • Athletes: Sportsmen and women are so familiar with a muscle cramp. Dehydration occurs while exerting their body during hot weather. This is the primary reason for muscle cramps in athletes.
  • Pregnancy: There could be two reasons for muscle cramp during pregnancy which is fatigue or vitamin deficiency. Fatigue is caused by reduced blood circulation in the legs. Calcium and Magnesium deficiency in pregnant women also causes muscle cramp.
  • Work out: You would have noticed that more youngsters work out in recent times. To achieve a fit body or maintain the shape and size of their body, workout has become a trend. If not trained and instructed correctly, people tend to work out excessively or for long hours which would lead to muscle cramps.
  • Driving: If you are a Hodophile or in simpler words “ a person who loves to travel” by driving your vehicle, long journeys could gift you muscle cramps. It is no pain no gain situation unless you choose public transport or a cab. Applying brakes and clutch constantly will give more pressure to your calf muscles leading to muscle cramps.

Common remedies for muscle cramps

Before consulting a doctor people normally try home remedies for muscle cramp if they are aware of the reason for its occurrence is not harmful. Let us take a walk through a few common tips to relieve you from muscle cramp.

  • A good rest will calm your stressed-out muscle.
  • Drinking fluids will help you recover from muscle cramps, especially if you are pregnant or an athlete. Ensure that you keep yourself hydrated.
  • Applying ice on the inflamed muscle will help it to reduce the soreness.
  • Adding warmth to your muscle when it is tight will loosen it. Applying OTC( over the counter) creams or gels is the simplest way people choose to get quick relief from muscle cramps.
  • Warming up before your exercise or your athletic practice will improve the blood circulation of your muscle.
  • Stretching post work out or your athletic practice will avoid the muscle cramp later.
  • OTC pain killer drugs are another option for spontaneous results.

As we have now seen the common modern world remedies for muscle cramp, we have missed the most common and reliable method to treat your muscle pain by using Ayurvedic oils. We are quite familiar with the doshas which can be treated with simple ayurvedic tips. Similarly, a good therapeutic ayurvedic oil massage can help you gain relief from the muscle cramp by balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas. Ayurvedic oil massage will improve your blood circulation reducing stiffness or inflammation. It promotes the self-healing of your muscles.