How to get rid of Headache and sinusitis effectively?

Familiar types of Headaches

Headache is common irrespective of age and gender. A common headache is not a symptom of an underlying illness. However, a recurring headache could indicate something. Hence it is ideal to consult a doctor before you ignore recurring headache. Apart from a serious underlying illness, a recurring headache could be

  • Migraine – This headache brings excruciating pain on either side of your forehead accompanied by nausea and a few other symptoms. It can be controlled with proper medication and a lifestyle change.
  • Cluster headache – Cluster headache is rare with intense pain that awakes you in the sleep with a severe ache in and around your eyes. These are not at all life-threatening and can be treated to reduce the severity.
  • Tension Headache: It is the most common headache. All you need to trigger the band-like pain around your forehead is a little extra tension. Meditation with medication and a healthy lifestyle will help you get rid of a tension headache.

The most common types of headaches include Sinusitis, headaches due to alcohol consumption, insomnia, stress, skipping meals, or poor posture. Among these common headaches, Sinusitis is the most unpredictable with excruciating pain on your forehead, below your eyes and close to your cheekbones.

What is Sinusitis?


Sinusitis is the inflammation of the tissues lining the sinus. It occurs when the sinus is swollen due to the clogging of mucus in it. Sinusitis can occur to anyone irrespective of age. Healthy Sinus tissues are supposed to be filled with air. However, Vata(air) is blocked when Kapha(water) remains clogged in the sinus pores. This will induce Pitta to create swelling or inflammation of the sinus tissues. Here are a few causes of Sinusitis.

  • Known as Pinas (Sinusitis) in Ayurveda is most susceptible in people suffering from cold, asthma, viral infection or allergies. The germs or bacteria during these instances infect the Sinus.
  • We often tend to suppress natural tears or vomiting due to unfavourable situations. This will trigger sinusitis.
  • Staying in extreme climatic conditions will also cause Sinusitis. Extreme cold or dry weathers and extreme hot weathers are equally responsible. A simple change of moving from an air-conditioned room to the hot sun outside (Indian climate) can worsen the situation.
  • Irregular sleep pattern is another avoidable cause of Sinus infection. Not all night owls can stay awake late at night and sleep in the day as they may be prone to Sinusitis.
  • A physical defect in an individual such as nasal polyp or growth in the nasal passage which contains mucus can also lead to infection of the Sinus.
  • Apart from these reasons, there are other basic reasons which are left unnoticed. Food intake has a major role in sinus inflammation. Excessive intake of heavy food that is spicy, oily, dry, or too hot/cold creates an imbalance among the three doshas. Impurities and pollutants in the air can result in the build of mucus. However, all these causes have common symptoms which may not seem to be attention-worthy.

It has symptoms that are not easily recognised. Sinusitis symptoms include headache, fever, pressure or pain in the sinus, bad breath, cough, ulceration, fatigue etc. However, these do not occur simultaneously to make the identification of Sinusitis easier.

Ayurveda and Sinusitis

Any common headache or Sinusitis can be effectively cured easily if you have a systematic lifestyle and a little care for your body and mind. Drinking plenty of water has an incredible effect on all illness. Tablets can reduce your sinus infection temporarily. If you are looking for a holistic approach, the Ayurvedic method is the ideal solution for Sinusitis. It ensures that they work on the root cause rather than suppressing the situation. Ayurvedic treatments expel the aggravated doshas with the help of herbs, diet and nasal therapies using Ayurvedic oil.

Ayurvedic medicine includes drops that can be used to instantly decongest your chest and nasal discomfort. Yoga is promoted in the Ayurvedic method of Sinusitis treatment. Uttanasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana etc are a few yoga asanas that will effectively cure Sinusitis, cold or cough. Nasya is the most spoken method of loosening the mucus clogged in your Sinus passage. It clears your nasal passage by adding oil that will trigger the secretion of mucus. This treatment is accompanied by a good head massage along with medicated steam inhalation before, during or after the therapy according to various Nasya therapy used. Irrespective of the oil you use to massage your head and face, ensure that you have the purest form of oil when you massage or drop oil in the nasal passage.