Best Instant pain reliever available in India?

Pain Relievers in India

In our busy lives, we do not often take a moment to pause and think about our ailments unless it becomes severe enough to get them treated or unbearable. How often do we check the authenticity of the pain-relieving supplements we take? Are we aware of the ingredients and their benefits? Though buying a pain reliever is as simple as buying a candy, we must get a pain reliever with natural and ayurvedic elements in it. Be it a headache, muscle pain, or joint pain, the natural ingredients in the medicine does the magic. Indian homes always have some spices such as cloves, garlic, etc which acts as a pain reliever. If not for spices they have a few tricks up their sleeves like Flex Oil which is as good as homemade pain relievers.

Flex Oil – Instant Indian Pain Reliever

Flex Oil from Ayurvedic mall is developed from the Gods Own Country or the land of Ayurveda which is Kerala in the southern province of India. If you have been searching for the perfect pain reliever with natural and ayurvedic ingredients incorporated in it, Flex Oil is to be treasured. It is a perfect combination of the most precious ingredients in accurate quantities to ensure that you get a heavenly experience of any joint or muscle pain. The goodness of the ayurvedic herbs along with turpentine, Eucalyptus oil, Ayurvedic medicated oils and wintergreen oil will give you instant and long term pain relief as long as you do not excessively provoke your muscles and joints again. The new generation may not be familiar with all the ingredients in Flex Oil like your parents or grandparents who have always followed the ayurvedic tradition for years especially in any body aches. Let us understand the benefits of each ingredient one after the other.

Eucalyptus Oil and its benefits

Eucalyptus oil is no stranger to many of you. It is popular for its pain-relieving properties across the globe. The tall and evergreen tree does wonder which has various medicinal benefits. The dried leaves are even used for preparing tea. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an indispensable ingredient of Flex Oil. It is immensely popular for its properties to remove Kapha dosha instantly bringing it to equilibrium with Vata and Pitta doshas. The smell is so relaxing that it gives you the confidence of the pain leaving your mind and body. Inhaling the vapours of Eucalyptus oil does wonder to those who suffer from chest congestions.

Wintergreen Oil and its Benefits

This ingredient is processed by soaking the wintergreen leaves of the wintergreen plant in warm water. The purest form of the product is obtained each time through the distillation process. Methyl Salicylate is the miracle component of wintergreen oil with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It is very much like an aspirant when it comes to pain-relieving properties. Hence the wintergreen oil acts as a pain-relieving agent which also reduces the swelling of tissues underlying the muscles and skin. This property makes it an important ingredient for the formulation of Flex Oil.

Turpentine and its Benefits

Turpentine oil is extracted from the resin of particular pine trees which gives you the fragrance in much commercial pain-relieving products. However, when it comes to Flex Oil, Ayurvedic Mall, use the purest form of turpentine oil to ensure that its properties to relieve muscle pain, joint pain is intact. Turpentine oil by itself has the property to relieve toothache and nerve pain. The turpentine oil vapours when inhaled loosens the clogged chest. Apart from medicinal properties, distilled turpentine is used in food and beverages as a flavouring agent.

Flex Oil consists of a combination of medicated oils apart from the above three ingredients to incorporate the goodness of Ayurveda and natural herbs in the pain-relieving process. Therefore it is a complete and all in one pain-relieving solution for your muscle cramps, stiff joints, lower backache and Neuralgia. Along with these ailments it also helps to relieve your muscular pains, Sciatica, stiff neck, cold, Sinusitis as well as headache.

Why prefer Flex Oil over other inorganic Oils?

Flex Oil is the most trusted oil for instant pain relief across India. They are preferred over other inorganic oils as Flex Oil is formulated using natural and ayurvedic herbs. Every ingredient contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties without causing a side effect to the underlying tissues. Unlike other inorganic oils, the application of Flex oil is the simplest. Gently applying and rubbing the Flex Oil on the affected area will set you free from the pain irritations. You can expect better results with slight fomentation when you apply them.