The best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain?

Ayurveda – A natural cure to your ailments

Ayurveda is rooted in Indian land from ancient times much before other medications found their way to our land. It is not just about healing your body. It is the combined well being of your body, mind and soul. The basic concept of Ayurveda depends on the idea of five elements that constitute your body. Air, fire, water, space and earth are those five elements. Every human body has different ratios of these which make each one of us a part of three doshas. It is when the Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha is in balance, we are free from any illness. Yoga associated with ayurvedic treatment is even approved by western countries.

What is joint pain?

A joint is a place where two bones are connected. We have joints at our shoulders, elbow, knee, wrists, hips, and ankle. Hence any injury to it can cause difficulty in moving. Swelling in your joints can immensely affect your body movement. It creates excruciating pain in the joint or the swollen area when you move. Many people have mentioned that joint pain has subsequently reduced with ayurvedic treatment, unlike a painkiller tablet which gives you a temporary solution. Ayurveda has always been effective in treating joint pains. It will help you identify the overall health issues besides joint pain. Once you have found the dosha which is responsible for your joint pain, it is easier to schedule your medication and diet accordingly. One of the common reason for joint pain is arthritis.   However, not everyone has an underlying medical condition like arthritis for joint pain.

Be it arthritis or joint pain from other medical condition, it is advised to maintain a good diet to maintain your weight. An increase in your body weight gives more pressure on your joints.

Common home remedies

All of us are familiar with a few home remedies for joint pain. Commonly, you get joint pain due to workout, participating in a sportings event etc. Let us take a walk through common home remedies and herbs many of you use for joint pains. You must be familiar with these names from your grandmothers who are hardcore devotees or ayurvedic treatment.

  • Herbs: Include more herbs in your diet. Spices and herbs have always proven to have authentic health benefits.
  • Ginger: Consumption of ginger helps in your joint pain of its anti-inflammatory properties. Your medical consultant will guide you on how to use it for joint pain.
  • Guggulu: It is one of the ayurvedic staples to relieve you from joint pain. This herb boosts your immunity and eases your joint pain.
  • Turmeric. Every soul knows how important turmeric is in our lives. It is not just an ingredient in your food. It has magnificent health and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Januvasati: It is an ayurvedic treatment that has been used from ancient times. You must have seen elderly people in your house taking warm oil and applying it in the area of joint pain. This will calm your tissues and joints and will work towards repairing and soothing those tissues and joints. This is followed by a good massage at the painful joint.
  • Massage: Everybody is familiar with a massage. Generally, massage will help you in stress release and calm your body, mind and soul. Massaging with oil helps in joint rehabilitation especially for athletes and others who often undergo pain in their joints. Massaging with a natural and organic oil will relieve you from stress and the imbalance of all three doshas.

Natural and Ayurvedic solution – Flex Oil

Ayurveda has medicines for external applications for joint pain which contains herbs and naturals oils. FLex Oil is a boon to all of you who are suffering from joint pain. A good massage with Flex Oil which is warm will soothe your joint pain. The natural ingredients in it have always worked miracle in giving instant joint pain relief. It necessarily need not be used in warm condition. Flex Oil in its natural state itself is good to go. Gently massaging or rubbing on the pain-inducing joint with your fingers will create fomentation or warmth. This heat internally will improve blood circulation. You will experience relief from the joint pain in a blink of an eye as an increase in the temperature will soothe your joints giving them comfort and flexibility. Flex oil has multiple benefits apart from treating joint pain. It is the most holistic solution for muscle cramps, stiff joints, low backache, sinusitis, cold, headache, muscle pains and Sciatica. The miraculous relief is due to the mixture of medicated ayurvedic oil from natural herbs and other natural oils such as turpentine, eucalyptus oil and wintergreen oil.